Hello! I am originally from West Palm Beach, FL. I grew up performing in musicals, so I have always had a love for theatre. Even though I could not sing, I kept performing anyway. I did not find my love for stage management until college. I finally realized acting was not my calling, and my true calling was combining my love for the theatre with my love for organization, time management, and being a leader. 

I graduated from the University of Florida with honors and a double major in Psychology and Theatre and a minor in Communication Studies.   

When I am not in the theatre, I am struggling to be funny through mediocre stand-up comedy, painting beautiful pictures where I only have to color in the lines that someone else drew for me, or cooking or baking a dish I have never attempted before. I also occasionally coach recreational flag-football whenever I am home. 

If you would like to know more about my life, please reach out via email. 

If you would like to see paperwork examples, please contact me for access.